Test-2 level 1(English)

1. According to ……………………………….. Pranayama is cessation of inspiration and expiration.


2. Sutra neti should not be done by
patients of


3. Kriya practice enhances


4. Purpose of Shatkriya according to
Hatha Yoga Pradipika


5. One of the vital principle of good
health is


6. What is the best condition for yogic


7. Yogic cleansing technique for gastro-
intestinal tract


8. Which pranayama has the power of overcoming hunger and thirst?


9. Trataka has all variants except


10. Which of the following yogic posture
can be done immediately after eating food?


11. Asanas and Aerobics is


12. Hrid dhauti has ____ types


13. Which Panchamahabhuta is associated

with movement?


14. Which of the mentioned element
corresponds to ‘Sparsha’?


15. Which of the following is not a
preferred teaching technique?


16. Concept of Triguna is very well
explained in


17. Mitahara according to Hatha yoga is


18. What should be the lesson plan for the day’s


19. Which posture is most appropriate for
doing prayer?


20. The body of an elderly person does not


21. In a group discussion, questions can be
best entertained at what time?


22. Gheranda Samhita has _____ types of


23. The complementary posture of
Halasana is


24. _________ is the first Pada/chapter of
Patanjali yoga sutra.


25. _____________ may be a best medicine for mental illnesses.


26. Yoga has its effect on


27. Krikara vayu is responsible for


28. Pathya – Apathya are important
concepts regarding


29. Asana according to Patanjali is


30. Sukshma Vyayama are the practices to


31. Yoga Karmasu _________________________


32. The location of Vishuddhi chakra is…………………..


33. Homeostasis is referred to


34. Which Asana is good for chronic low
back pain?


35. Kapalabhati is named as _________________ in Gheranda Samhita


36. The word ‘Guru’ means remover of


37. Which taste is recommended in yogic diet?


38. Dhanurasana is given in both Hatha
Yoga pradipika and Gheranda Samhita


39. Which of the following is a ‘Heating


40. Which of the following Asana is good
for alleviating the problems of throat, ear and


41. Worshipping God all time is


42. Ghrita is used in one of the types of


43. Excess speed of mind is called


44. Prayer is the spiritual exercise that
allows people to communicate directly with


45. ‘Pranava’ is


46. Feeling of being upset or annoyed as a
result of being unable to change or achieve
something is


47. By doing which asana deadly poison
can be digested?


48. Kapala randhara refers to which place?


49. Limitations of a practice should be taught


50. ………………………………………
is one of the key feature of all yoga practices?


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  1. The word ‘Guru’ means remover of _______________.
    Darkness, should be correct answer right?

    1. Yes, and in fact this question was repeated in three tests, out of which two papers gave “darkness”as right answer and one says removes “light”. I took the same mock test again to verify and answer was “light” in place of “darkness”

  2. In a group discussion, questions can be best entertained at what time?

    next day
    while relaxing between two practices
    not necessary to entertain questions,
    keep practicing
    while doing the practice

    45. The word ‘Guru’ means remover of _______________.


    Answers to the above questions were answered differently in two different papers

  3. 2. Kapalabhati is named as _________________ in Gheranda Samhita


    Right answer should be Vatkarma, because
    There are three forms of kapalbhati: vatakrama, vyutkrama and sheetkrama

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