Test-2 Level 2 (English)

1. Yoga of Synthesis is the contribution of which Yogi?


2. In which Bhava, the surrendering attitude of the servant to his master is involved


3. Which of the following is a Klesha according to Patanjali?


4. What moves when Prana moves according to Hatha Yoga?


5. The Sanskrit word ‘Veda’ is derived from the root word ‘Vid’ which means


6. Which of these is not a process of Cognition?


7. Which one of the following attribute satisfies the criteria of Sattvic Food?


8. Chakras and Nadis are components of which Kosha?


9. Dress for yoga practice should be


10. MitaHara in Hatha yoga means


11. While arranging your Yoga classroom/Studio/Hall in general, what ‘background sound’ will you prefer among the following


12. Which of the following is not a Mahasiddha as per Hatha Yoga Sutra?


13. At which Chakra, the union of Ida and Pingala Nadi takes place


14. Svatmarama belongs to which sect?


15. Six Technical subjects related to Veda are known as


16. Which of the following pranayama purifies the Astral body?


17. Yoga Karmasu _________________________[ Fill in the blanks]


18. Filtration is one of the primary functions of


19. Who authored the Srimad Bhagavatham?


20. Which Asana is good for chronic low back pain?


21. When the result of a deed is not expected it is called


22. Arrange the following teaching practices in sequence

(i)Breathe Awareness     (ii) AnulomVilom Pranayama

(iii) Yogic Breathing       (iv) Abdominal-Thoracic Breathing


23. Which is the basic text of Yoga Philosophy?


24. Who out of the following is an enlightened master?


25. Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali is otherwise known as which yoga as per Swami Vivekananda


26. Raja Yoga is the yoga of controlling our


27. A student is not able to practice as per your satisfaction. How will you deal with this student?


28. Which of the following is not a Vritti?


29. How many chapters are there in Patanjali Yoga Sutra?


30. According to which School of Vedanta ‘All Reality is Brahman’


31. Which Prana governs our digestive system?


32. By cultivating attitude of friendliness towards the happy and compassion towards the unhappy_____________


33. In a group discussion, questions can be best entertained at what time?


34. The word ‘Guru’ means remover of _______________[Fill in the blanks]


35. The word “Nadi” is derived from the word “Nad” which means


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